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Hello, fine folks in the Religious Society of Friends.

I live in Ohio and work at Ohio State University.  I am working on a project that many folks throughout the world are participating in.  We are asking people throughout the world to stand together at 1 p.m. their local time on May 13 for five minutes of silence in support of a better future for our children.

Please check out our website which contains more information about the event.


NOTE:  you do need to type the address into the url line instead of clicking on the address in this message.

We hope you will join us. We really think it can be a day when the whole world stands together as one global village.

To date, we have people in 48 of the U.S. states and 22 countries listed to stand with us. By May 13 (Mother's Day in this country) we hope to have all 50 states and many more countries.

We hope you will find this a worthy event and will then help us get the word out to all of the folks in the Religious Society of Friends.

Thank you for taking time to read this message.

Deb Ballam
Columbus, Ohio

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