[Sayma-Announce] submissions for SAYMA fall newsletter

Kathleen Mavournin kmav at icx.net
Mon Aug 20 12:23:14 EDT 2007

SAF wants to hear from you!

Deadline for submissions for the Fall 2007 issue is Monday, 9/17.  
This has been extended slightly - the original deadline was 9/10.

Friendly musings, concerns, humor, minutes, reports, notices, poems,  
and drawings would be most welcome.

Please put your name and phone number or email address on all  

Email submissions to  SAFeditor at sayma.org

If email submission is not possible, mail to:
Kathleen Mavournin
344 Seven Oaks Drive
Knoxville, TN 37922-3411

The editor will have to retype mailed submissions into the computer.  
Short notices will be done cheerfully, but longer articles may not,  
depending on time constraints. (The editor is now a graduate student,  
so the time constraints are considerable.)

To speak to the editor, call (865) 691-9506.

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