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I will miss Hazel. I was in a few groups with Hazel at yearly meeting over the past few years.

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  Hazel touched my heart with her effervescent spirit and quirky sense of humor. She was a joy to be with - even when spittin' mad she had a lurking smile. I will miss her!


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    Hazel was in a worship sharing group with me last June.  She talked openly and courageously about what was ahead of her with the cancer.  She was an inspiration to me.

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      For those Friends who knew Hazel Hall of Cookeville Meeting, I received this email on Friday....

        Our beloved Hazel left this life today.  We will miss her terribly,
          but know that this is the way she wanted to go.

      Hazel had been ill with lung cancer.  She had a wonderful spirit that many of us got to know at Yearly Meeting and she will be missed.  Please hold her family in the Light this week.


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