[Sayma-Announce] Second Month Update: SEYMpeace.org

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 1 09:28:48 EST 2007


Please visit http://seympeace.org/index.html to see the Second month update of the Peace & Social Concerns website for Southeastern Yearly Meeting.

As the "Thought for Second Month," I have chosen to quote at length from an October, 2005, blog post by Robin Mohr, introducing the new Quaker conversation about the so-called "Convergent Friends" movement.

Although this topic may not seem to be directly related to peace and social concerns, my sense is that a mutually shared, deep urgency about P&SC is precisely what is leading Friends from all "sides" to converge, to seek a common language, a common way of trusting the power of worship to lead us upward.

Those of you who want to investigate the online conversation further might begin with the blogs and posts I've linked in my editor's note at http://seympeace.org/index.html#convergent.

Thank you, and
Blessed Be,


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