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         Ecological Concerns Network 

            January 2007


            In this issue: 

                  Current Events

                  Yearly Meeting-Earthcare Workshop

                  Earth Mama Show

                        Driving - Value vs. Cost ...or do I have that right?

                        Nuclear Power Is Contraindicated

                        FCNL starts Earthcare messages

                        Gardening with Harry


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     Current Events
            Happy New Year.  

            In celebration of SAYMA's Electronic Communications Committee creation of the three listserves we are posting, for the first time, on sayma-announce at kitenet.net as well as to our normal posting to reach a wider audience.  (My apologies to those receiving this twice)  

            If you want to discuss any of the topics presented here, please do so at sayma-discuss at kitenet.net. As always, feel free to contact me directly especially with information for future postings.


            Yearly Meeting 2007 - ECN Workshop

            Creating an Earthcare Testimony


            Many Yearly Meetings are working on parts of this task as they review their Faith & Practice, form Earthcare committees, come into the light of the problems surrounding climate change and find local affects at the Monthly Meeting level of forgotten respect for the Earth.  During the past three years, the Faith & Practice Revision Committee has worked, in part, to add an Earthcare Testimony to our handbook of Faith & Practice.  They received more minutes and comments about the proposed addition than any other section.  Clearly there is not a sense of the Meeting (YM) as to what we collectively believe. This workshop is designed to act as a threshing session to illicit the full spectrum of beliefs that are held around Earthcare as a Testimony.  The goal is that with the information gathered during these sessions, in the months after YM, we could be led to a Testimony that would reach all of us.

            Let me know if you would like to assist in presenting this workshop.


            From Joyce Rouse:
            Earth Mama Show, Music for Peace and Sustainability
            Sunday, Jan  21, 2007
            St. Petersburg, FL  Friends Meeting
            130 19th Ave SE
            St. Petersburg, FL 33705   7:30 pm

            contact:  Mary Jo Klingel     <mjkdjr37 at earthlink.net>      954-857-6138
            (special guest, Lisa Palas, hit songwriter of #1 Alabama, Reba McIntire 


            From Bill Reynolds:
              You may have heard someone say that it costs too much to buy a hybrid car.  They could have said that the money you save in your gasoline costs never add up to the extra you paid in purchasing a hybrid compared to buying the old type conventionally powered cars.  People will say things like that without "crunching" the actual numbers to see whether it's true or not.  

              Now you can get help crunching the numbers at http://www.eere.energy.gov/cleancities/hev/cost_calc.html   You can select the cars that you want to have the costs compared on.  "Using the inputs provided, this tool calculates the full life-time costs, including capital and operating, of both the hybrid and conventional vehicles and the difference in cost between the two."  Then you will possess a realistically derived estimate of the life-time costs of the vehicles you compare.  It is a good sense way to go about deciding whether buying a hybrid electric car vs a conventionally powered one will or will not cost you more or less - and approximately how much less or more if there is a difference. 

               Also importantly it will give you the estimated life-time emissions comparisons between the two cars.  For example, I ran a comparison between a Toyota Prius and a Ford Focus, not really a fair comparison because a Prius is so much more of a car than a Focus.  It came out that over a seven-year "life-time" use of the cars, I would spend a net $2,337.27 more buying and driving a Prius than the Focus - - - BUT ! ! ! the Prius would have emitted 37,500 lbs. LESS CARBON DIOXIDE into the atmosphere over that lifetime use.  I would consider my $2,337.27 an investment in the future livability of the Earth for my grandchildren and their children.  
            In my heart and mind the morally right thing to do about the billions of dollars of taxpayers' subsidies currently being given to the Big Oil companies is to transfer every last dollar of it to reputable companies who are producing and/or developing renewable based energy production technologies and systems.  I hope you will join me in this petition to Congress to take action along those lines.  Bill Reynolds

            Click here to take action:

            Nuclear Power Is Contraindicated 
            as a Solution to Global Warming Because of Nuclear Mutagenesis

            Helen Caldicott, MD  

            Medscape General Medicine.  2006;8(4):45.  2006 Medscape
            Posted 12/04/2006
            The classic dictum in medicine states: If a disease is incurable, prevention is the only recourse.
            While the specter of global warming looms large with associated epidemics of arthropod-borne diseases and millions of ecological refuges escaping catastrophic meteorological conditions, nuclear power as an alternative energy has an equally dire prognosis.

            Nuclear power is responsible for the emission of substantial quantities of global warming gases from each step of the nuclear fuel chain,[1] and the medical consequences of nuclear power are equally catastrophic.

            Each nuclear reactor contains 1000 times more long-lived radiation than released by the Hiroshima bomb, in the form of 200 new biologically dangerous isotopes -- some with minuscule half-lives and others with half-lives of 17 million years.[2] This material -- radioactive waste -- must be isolated from the environment for geological time spans, a scientific and physical impossibility. Already radioactive isotopes are leaking into soil and water from nuclear waste repositories in many countries, and these isotopes bioconcentrate by orders of magnitude at each step of the food chain. Invisible and cryptogenic to the senses, these mutagenic radioactive materials will migrate to and concentrate in specific bodily organs -- iodine 131 in the thyroid, cesium 137 in brain and muscle, strontium 90 in bone, and plutonium 239 (with a half-life of 24,400 years) in lung, liver, bone, fetus, and testicle. Ultimately, these radioisotopes will induce malignancy; however, because of the latent period of carcinogenesis, the cancers will not be diagnosed for many years.[3]

            Over generations, radioisotopes in gonads will increase the incidence of genetic and chromosomal diseases. Animals and plants will be similarly affected. Nuclear power is therefore a fundamentally mutagenic industry that results in cancer with a transient byproduct -- electricity generation. As such, nuclear power is medically contraindicated.

            That's my opinion. I'm Dr. Helen Caldicott, Pediatrician and President of the Nuclear Policy Research Institute.


             Message From Ned Stowe of FCNL: 
            This is my first message to a growing email list of Friends and like-minded folks who share an interest in advancing legislation to address global climate change and protect the environment by reducing U.S. fossil fuel consumption through energy conservation, improved efficiency, and accelerated development and use of renewable energy sources. FCNL's work with the 110th Congress is just now getting underway.  I anticipate that there will be a lot of activity in this Congress concerning the growing challenges of climate change and energy policy.  

            I will be sending action alerts on pending legislation, legislative updates, and FCNL background information on related issues to this list - perhaps a few times per month to start and depending on the level of activity in Congress.  I hope you will find this helpful and worthwhile.  Please forward it to others you know who may be interested.  I will read and welcome your feedback, but please understand in advance that I may not be able to respond quickly or to engage in lengthy correspondence.  

            And now, without further ado, here is the first relevant action alert of the new Congress.

            Take Action: Cutting Subsidies to Big Oil

            At a time of continuing high oil prices and record-breaking oil company profits, do oil companies really need generous government incentives to encourage them to look for more oil? Is finding and producing more oil really the best way to end the U.S. "addiction" to oil? Tell your members of Congress that it is time for a new policy. Ask him or her to support legislation in the coming weeks that would roll back subsidies for big oil and reinvest in energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. 

            If you can't get the hot button above ("Tell your members of Congress") to link you to the complete FCNL action alert using Ctrl + click, please go to the action alert at the following web page:  http://capwiz.com/fconl/issues/alert/?alertid=9226846&type=CO

            I am sending this message to you because you signed up to be on this email list or because I thought you would be interested in being on this list.  If I was mistaken in any way and you would like to be removed from the list, please let me know.          (Let Ned know if you want to receive these updates directly)



             Edward (Ned) W. Stowe III
            Senior Legislative Secretary
            Friends Committee on National Legislation
            (A Quaker lobby in the public interest)
            245 Second Street, NE
            Washington, DC  20002 - 5795
            Phone:          202-547-6000 ext. 2525
            Toll Free:      1-800-630-1330
            Fax:            202-547-6019
            E-mail:         ned at fcnl.org
            website:        http://www.fcnl.org


                  From Harry of Birmingham Friends Meeting:
                  Here's Harry's How To....
                  Article & Photographs by:
                  HARRYo3 at AOL.com

                  In Winter of 2001, I found myself confined to a wheelchair and by 2002 I had to have my right leg amputated above the knee. I needed to find new ways to do old things that I enjoyed. One of the things that I had to learn to do differently was the way that I gardened. I needed to make it easier, fun, pain-free, and energy efficient to plant and sow my vegetable garden. 

                  As I planned my garden I decided to start by growing many of my plants from seeds in our kitchen. I also found E-Bay (an online exchange) (www.ebay.com) to help me obtain a variety of seeds and seedlings because I wasn't able to get out to the nurseries. Even if I could, most have gravel yards and it is impossible to get around. Walmart and K-mart became another resource for my garden supplies. 

                  When the threat of frost was gone I chose containers, window boxes, and raised beds to transplant my seedlings outdoors on our back patio deck. I used a variety of different pots and plant stands. I also purchased window boxes which I bolted to the railing around our deck. I have placed inverted 5 gallon plastic pails to set my plastic planters on to raise them up to a comfortable height for me. Comfort is important and I don't want to do anything to aggravate my condition.
                  I found that I needed special tools to be able to comfortably reach and tend to my garden. I used a planter sized hoe, trowel, and rake (check your local garden centers or gardening catalogues) for weeding and digging small holes. These tools 
                  are lighter, easy to grip, and the length was perfect (while sitting). A "reacher stick" (try your local medical supply store) was handy to pick up light items off the ground. When 
                  planting small plants in the ground or in a spot that was difficult to reach I would use the reacher stick to grasp the plant and place it into the hole I had dug with the hoe.

                  The expression "necessity is the mother of invention" has become my motto. As I continue to adjust to my new lifestyle, I will continue to find new, better, and more efficient ways to do my gardening. I may not be able to plant the 20' x 20' garden I had hoped for, but what I have accomplished, refreshes my soul and helps to heal my body and mind. The excitement I find and the positive peace of mind in overcoming my handicapping condition is a relief for me and my family, as well. Besides, we all have gained from my gardening experience when we sit down and enjoy eating from the gardens cuisine.

                 What I Like To Grow:
                  Here is a list of vegetable plants and herbs that I have grown and have found to be fairly easy to care for:

                  Pole Beans
                  Sugar Peas
                  Fig Tree

                  Note: These plants seem to respond well to limited size containers and are the ones that my family enjoys eating.



             Quaker Earthcare Witness is working on ways to assist Yearly Meetings in their work on Earthcare through committees such as Ecological Concerns Network.  
            As the SAYMA Representative, please let me know how you think that we could use their help. 



            There is so much to being done.  
            Please let us know of what is happening in your Meeting or community with an article about the activities there.



            RETREAT 2008 ?  Or maybe a Workshop for 2008 Yearly Meeting.

            "My Intentions for the Earth".

            Please consider the queries: 

            What are my intentions around my ecological concerns?  

            What do I expect to be able to accomplish with my efforts? 

            How can I expand those accomplishments with the help of others; in my Meeting, with the help of Yearly Meeting, with the assistance of Quaker Earthcare Witness?

            If you get responses to any of these queries, please let me know.




             Peace & Love







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