[Sayma-Announce] YAF gathering registration is online

Emily Stewart emilys at fgcquaker.org
Tue Jan 16 15:31:36 EST 2007

Dear Friends,
Registration for the Young Adult Friends' gathering in February (16-18)
sponsored by FGC, PYM and Pendle Hill is online at
http://www.quakeryouth.org/calendar/build-community.php  Please download it
and send it in to Lauren Baumann by January 31st!  We really hope to see
YAFs from SAYMA there. Please let me know if you need financial assistance! 
In peace,
Emily Stewart

Youth Ministries Coordinator
www.Quakeryouth.org <http://www.quakeryouth.org/> 

1216 Arch St., Suite 2B, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA

Phone: (215) 561-1700, Fax: (215) 561-0759

Web: www.fgcquaker.org <http://www.fgcquaker.org/>  /
mailto:emilys at fgcquaker.org
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