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Bernadette Odyniec, WPH program & grant coordinator has accepted a job
with the Wilderness Society. We are seeking applications for that
position. Please share the attached with your meetings.

Byron Sandford
Executive Director
William Penn House
202 543-5560

William Penn House

Program and Grants Coordinator

Job Description


New Program Development

·        Lead William Penn House’s strategic program planning

        Staff William Penn House Board Program Committee

        Work closely with WQW Program Coordinator to design and develop new 
programs that include an effective program evaluation component and are 
grounded in both sound educational theory and methods, and Quaker practice

Grant Funding

        Research Quaker and non-Quaker funders to identify potential 

        Organize and manage information gathered on current and potential 

        Write grant proposals and grant reports, and as appropriate, plan 
and coordinate the writing of the different parts of  proposals and reports 
by various staff members

Planning and Supervision of Ongoing Programs

        Supervise the program work of WPH intern(s)

        Develop and nurture ongoing relationships with program resources

·        Ensure all WPH programs are high quality and meet each group’s 

        Supervise interns as they schedule and arrange guest speakers and 
site visits (or do this as needed)

        Supervise interns as they register participants and enter 
registrant information in the database and on Excel spreadsheets (or do this 
as needed)

         Coordinate program activities with Washington Quaker Workcamp 
Program Coordinator

Marketing and Outreach

        Plan and organize marketing and outreach for WPH programs including 
developing program brochures and writing newsletter articles

William Penn House

515 East Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003       (202) 543-5560


        Collaborate with the Executive Director, Associate Director and WQW 
Program Coordinator on program marketing and outreach, including:

o       Engaging with the wider Quaker community and other communities of 
interest, as a representative of William Penn House.

o       Enhancing and maintaining the database to ensure it serves as an 
effective tool for program management and outreach.


·        Serve as a member of William Penn House’s senior staff (with the 
Executive Director and Associate Director)

        Maintain a spiritual grounding and seek ongoing spiritual growth 
and development

        Participate with the spiritual and community life of the House.

        When available, provide back-up phone coverage and back-up for 
checking guests in and out


·        BA in Education (M.Ed. preferred) – This position requires a solid 
understanding of educational theory and practice.

        3 to 5 years experience:

o       Designing and developing educational programs

o       Planning, managing and marketing programs

o       Researching grant funders and writing grant proposals

        Computer literacy.  Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word and 
Publisher preferred.  Experience with databases preferred.

        Familiarity with Quaker witness, education and service (those who 
attend a Quaker meeting will be given preference)

        Ability to multi-task and work in a busy, energetic environment

        Leadership skills and experience

        Excellent written and verbal communication skills

        Ability to work effectively on a team.

This position is non-residential. WPH is open full time except for several 
days in November and in December. Employee will accrue vacation and sick 
leave. All full time employees are eligible to participate in the Friends 
Mutual Health Group health insurance program.

For more information or to apply:

Byron Sandford, Executive Director

Byron at WilliamPennHouse.org

William Penn House

515 East Capitol Street SE, Washington, DC 20003             (202) 543-5560


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