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Greetings SAYMA Friends. 

I am forwarding here a message from my brother, a Presbyterian pastor in Arlington, VA, in the hope that some of you may feel led to join the peace witness he describes in his e-mail. 

In peace, 
Beth Ensign, 
Atlanta Monthly Meeting
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Subject: witness for peace
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> Friends,
> I spent some time this Veterans Day contemplating the various war memorials
> here in the nation's capital. Perhaps by virtue of age, I am drawn often to
> the Vietnam memorial. That black gash in the national mall is such a
> powerful reminder of the deep wound to the national soul of that war. The
> memorials to the older wars do not touch me so deeply, although I am moved
> by the sadness the lingers over the memorial to the Korean conflict, and the
> sheer enormity of the national sacrifice recalled at the World War II
> memorial.
> Visiting any one of the memorials these days leads me to wonder how we will
> choose to remember the present war, and brings a new urgency to the deep
> desire to see it end.
> That urgency prompts this mass note.
> As many of you know, I've been working for several months with the coalition
> of faith-based peace groups that developed the Christian Peace Witness for
> Iraq. Some of you were in town last March when CPWI held a remarkable
> worship service at the National Cathedral followed by a long, cold walk to
> the White House where we encircled the place with light, and where hundreds
> were arrested upon risking civil disobedience to press the plea for peace.
> This fall CPWI has been building a national ongoing witness, with the goal
> of developing a continuous witness assuring that somewhere in the country at
> every hour there will be intentional prayers for peace. We want to make that
> witness both broad and strategic so that the home districts of key
> Congressional leaders will have visible witness for peace.
> We are building toward a Lenten wave of vigils leading up to a major
> Washington witness on March 7, and a summer of encouragement in those key
> districts as we urge our representatives to act on the people's desire for
> peace.
> I am writing to invite and encourage your participation in this growing
> movement for peace. Can you help create a local witness where you live? Can
> you connect others where you are who might be interested? Can you help build
> a strong base of connections and contact information for folks who might
> like to be involved in this work but simply don't know about it yet?
> I'd love to talk with you and share details  or talk with anyone you know
> who might be interested. Please forward this invitation to anyone who might
> be interested -- whatever their faith connection. In the meanwhile, I
> encourage you to visit the CPWI web site (
> http://www.christianpeacewitness.org/) and learn more.
> Peace,
> David Ensign
> PS: This note is going to every contact in my address book. I confess that I
> do not know how some of the contacts got there -- no doubt through
> organizing work with the Network of Spiritual Progressives, the Industrial
> Areas Foundation, the Presbyterian church or some related networks. If you'd
> just as soon not hear any more about peace work from me, please let me know.
> (I'll only be offended if my mom asks to be removed from the address book!)
> PPS: if you're in the DC area, please consider joining the monthly peace
> witness at Lafayette Park in front of the White House. We meet on the third
> Sunday of each month at 5:00 p.m. for a brief time of prayer and readings
> and then lay stones at the gates to the White House recalling the prophetic
> promise that if we keep silent, the stones themselves will cry out loud.
> -- 
> David Ensign
> Pastor
> Clarendon Presbyterian Church
> Arlington, VA
> ... bend the arc
> http://faithfulagitation.blogspot.com/

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