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To:  Clerks of Yearly Meetings

From:  Chena Ridge Friends Meeting, Fairbanks, Alaska


November 2007


            Health care reform has not happened.  Our country spends more per capita on health care and yet we do not have the lowest fetal mortality rate or the longest life span.  Even more significant is the fact that millions of persons have no insurance or access to health care.  This includes mental health which becomes an ever increasing problem related to our returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan. Our monthly meeting is in the process of developing a minute related to our current health care issue.

            In addition to health care, we are also considering developing a minute related to energy sustainability and food sustainability.

            We are inquiring to see if any of the monthly meetings that attend your yearly meeting are also addressing the issues of health care, including mental health, and/or food or energy sustainability.  If so, we would like to contact those meetings to unify our voices.  If you would, please forward our inquiry to your monthly meetings.


            Thank you for your time.


                                                                   In the Spirit,

                                                                        Carl Unsicker

                                                                        Member, Social Concerns Committee

                                                                        Chena Ridge Friends Meeting

                                                                        Fairbanks, Alaska



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