[Sayma-Announce] Fw: The Way of Ministry Program, School of the Spirit and Pendle Hill in partnership!

Liz Perch, SAYMA Admin Assistant adminasst at sayma.org
Sun Oct 21 20:08:04 EDT 2007

Dear Friend, 

We want to share with you and Friends in your yearly meeting some very good news.  So, please pass the word to Friends.


We are very pleased to announce a new nine-month program, the way of MINISTRY, an offering of The School of the Spirit Ministry (SOTS) in partnership with Pendle Hill.


The Way of Ministry is specifically designed for Friends pursuing a clear call to ministry, including gospel, traveling, and/or public ministries (religious service within and beyond their monthly and yearly meetings).  The forms of ministries will likely vary, and could broadly range from prophetic ministry, to nurturing the spiritual life of Friends and leading workshops or retreats, to peace work or caring for the environment.


Those who come to the program will wish to:

  a.. become more deeply grounded in the loving guidance of God through Christ; 
  b.. develop practices to become more discerning about the movement of the Spirit in the call to ministry; 
  c.. become more faithful in response to their particular leadings and call to ministry; 
  d.. learn ways to support each other, to become supported by a faith community, and to connect with the wider Quaker network of Friends called to ministry. 

In a format similar to the well-established SOTS program On Being a Spiritual Nurturer, the way of MINISTRY program will be held in four residencies comprising a total of seventeen days at Pendle Hill.  The first residency begins on Wednesday, August 27 and ends on September 2, 2008.  Thereafter, residencies will be held in December 2008, March 2009, and May 2009.  


There is so much to tell Friends about The Way of Ministry.   Please do visit and encourage others to visit the SOTS website (www.sosministry.quaker.org) to download the prospectus and application form (applications are due June 1, 2008).


And here is an excellent way to learn about the program and meet the core teachers. To assist Friends in discerning if the program could speak to their condition we are offering an Exploratory Event on Saturday, November 17, from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM, at Gwynedd Meeting, near Philadelphia, PA.  To register, Friends may send an email to sosministry at mindspring.com.  A flyer for this event is attached in a PDF file, along with a new SOTS brochure.  


For those who may be interested, there will also be an Exploratory Event on March 22, 2008 at Wellesley Friends Meeting, near Boston.



In faith and hope, the core teachers of The Way of Ministry


Marcelle Martin (Chestnut Hill Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting)

Laura Melly (Chestnut Hill Meeting, Philadelphia Yearly Meeting) 

Beckey Phipps (Fresh Pond Meeting, New England Yearly Meeting) 


p.s.  If you will be at FGC Central Committee sessions in New Windsor, Maryland this week (October 26-28),  Laura and Beckey will be available for conversations, if you would like to learn more about The Way of Ministry!

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