[Sayma-Announce] SAYMA's Site Selection Committee

Kathleen Mavournin kmav at icx.net
Sat Dec 27 15:21:52 EST 2008

Greetings Friends,

Recent changes at Warren Wilson College, especially their elimination  
of the position of Conference Coordinator, make it likely that we need  
to find a new site for Yearly Meeting very soon, probably for 2010 but  
possibly even for 2009. The Site Selection Committee will be  
circulating a Request for Proposal with a few days to ascertain which  
facilities would be able to host our Yearly Meeting. We hope to be  
visiting potential meeting sites by February or March.

The committee is, however, small and has recently lost its clerk. I  
will be acting clerk pending approval of the next representative  
meeting. Given the sudden shortening of the timetable for finding and  
negotiating with an appropriate facility, we really could use some  
help. There are three ways Friends can provide assistance;  please  
seek within your heart to see what you can do and please let others in  
your meeting know of our needs.

	1. If you know of a facility that we should look into for hosting  
Yearly Meeting, please let us know ASAP.

	2. Friends to participate in site visits to facilities near their  
homes would be helpful;  extra eyes, minds, and hearts add to the  
quality of our discernment.

	3. Friends who are able to volunteer to serve on the committee and  
participate in assessing information gathered through proposals and  
site visits will be welcomed with open arms.

To respond to any of the above requests, you can reach me at
	kmav at icx.net     or    865-691-9506.

Many thanks, and myriad blessings for the new year,
Kathleen Mavournin

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