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                                   January, 2008
                                     In This Issue 
                                   Upcoming Events 
                                       Touring DC 
                                       What's New 
                             Creating Opportunities 
                                       Quick Links 
                                    Register Now
                               Newsletter Archive
                                  Related Topics
                                     More On Us
                                 Upcoming Events 
                                   White Friends
                                  A workshop for
                               whites on becoming
                                 effective agents
                               for racial justice
                                    and healing.
                                February 29-March
                                       2, 2008
                               Pedaling for Peace
                                 Saturday, April
                                 26, 2008.  Come
                               for the day or the
                                 weekend of fun,
                                  recreation and
                                  Foundations of
                                   May 5-7, 2008
                                  a workshop for
                               people in position
                                  of leadership,
                               educators, and for
                                    groups with
                                projects or tasks
                                 that are calling
                                 for creative and
                                Eco-Living at the
                                Folklife Festival
                               June 30 to July 6.
                                 Bring the family
                                   for a week of
                                    service and
                                  education, and
                                 Independence Day
                                    Touring DC? 
                               There is no better
                                  place to start
                               your visit to this
                                amazing city than
                                right here at the
                                    William Penn
                               House. In addition
                               to comfortable and
                                 lodging, we have
                               easy access to all
                                 the major sites
                                either on foot or
                                    by Metro.  
                                 And, starting in
                                 2008, we have a
                                 partnership with
                                Bike the Sites to
                               provide affordable
                                   bike rentals.
                                 Biking is one of
                                 the best ways to
                                see the area, and
                                 our knowledgable
                                 and enthusiastic
                                 biking staff can
                                    provide many
                                 suggestions from
                               the casual ride to
                               the more hard-core
                               rider who wants to
                                 explore the more
                                  distant sites.
                                  Not on our list? 
                               Join Our Mailing List
                  Welcome to the inaugral William Penn
                   House/Washington Quaker Workcamps
                    newsletter.  We are going to be
                    sending out this newsletter on a
                     monthly basis with alternating
                    emphasis on news and information
                  about these two organizations.  Our
                  goal is to keep all of you informed
                   about our programs.  For those of
                   you who have contributed to these
                      organizations, we hope it is
                  informative and conveys all the good
                       things that come from your
                    support.  We also invite you to
                   participate and give input to all
                             that we do.  
                  If you do not wish to receive these
                      e-mails, please feel free to
                   opt-out, and you will continue to
                   receive our paper e-mails as they
                  are published. We do, however, hope
                    you will be an active reader and
                  participant in the opportunities we
                  have and are creating for people to
                    make a difference in the world.
                             What's new for
                           For over 40 years,
                            The William Penn
                            House, a Quaker
                           Center located on
                           Capitol Hill, has
                            hospitality and
                              programs for
                              people for a
                               variety of
                           reasons.  Over the
                           past few years, we
                           have dramatically
                             stepped up our
                            programs as part
                           of our commitment
                           to youth and young
                           We have developed
                              a model for
                             that spans the
                              spectrum of
                              change from
                               service to
                              education to
                             advocacy, and
                             everything in
                             Regardless of
                           whether the issue
                           is social justice,
                             poverty, HIV,
                             equal rights,
                             energy or the
                            environment, we
                            have developed a
                               network of
                             providers and
                           organizations that
                           engage people in a
                           wonderful learning
                            experience that
                             changes their
                             Throughout the
                           next year, we will
                            be adding to our
                           schedule with more
                           programs for youth
                             and families,
                             deepening our
                             connection to
                            Quakerism while
                           empowering all who
                           attend regardless
                             of their faith
                              tradition or
                           beliefs to become
                           more conscious of
                           the difference we
                            can make in the
                             Of course, The
                           William Penn House
                            is also an ideal
                           place to stay when
                            coming to DC for
                            any reason.  We
                             are just five
                            blocks from the
                           Capitol building,
                             and close to 2
                             Metro stations
                           (Union Station and
                            Eastern Market).
                           We are in a great
                              location for
                            seeing the sites
                               as well as
                            connecting with
                               the local
                              community at
                            Eastern Market.
                            After a busy day
                           of activities, we
                             offer a quiet
                            place to reflect
                             and restore.  
                              As the year
                             unfolds, this
                            newsletter will
                           keep you informed
                           about all that is
                           going on here, as
                           well as ways that
                                you can
                            particitipate -
                            everything from
                             joining us to
                             supporting the
                           abilities of those
                           with less means to
                               join us.  
                              Help Create
                           Opportunities for
                            Increasingly, we
                              are getting
                             requests from
                           schools and youth
                               groups to
                           participate in our
                             Workcamps.  In
                            order to provide
                                the best
                           opportunities for
                             them to learn,
                           serve, and become
                           empowered to make
                            a difference in
                           the world, we need
                            your help.  The
                           gift of many youth
                           is their time and
                           energy.  For many
                            adults, the gift
                             of funding for
                           building materials
                           and program costs
                             enables these
                           youth to maximize
                              their gifts.
                            Please consider
                           helping us in this
                             vital work by
                            donating funds.
                           Donations can also
                            be made on-line.
   It is a pleasure, an honor and a charge we take seriously to be a
presence for Quakerism in this powerful, exciting and troubled city.  In
the true tradition of Quakersim, we know that our ability to provide the
opportunity to bear witness to what is and what can be in our world, and
 to make a difference through all of our programs is exciting.  We hope
                   you will join us along the journey
           Byron, Patricia, Brad, Judy, Faith, Ben and Morgan
                        The William Penn House 
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