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How to Help Kenyans?


Many people are asking how they can help the Friends and others in Kenya.
AGLI is accepting

donations for the immediate relief/reconciliation work and for the ongoing
reconciliation work that 

will be necessary. Foks in the U.S. can assist by sending funds through AGLI
to help with these 

efforts - already underway - and by publicizing the current situation in
Kenya. The mobilizing 

of resources is an important step to support the needs of communities of
which Friends are a part. 


Send donations to FPT/AGLI at 1001 Park Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63104 and on
the memo line write

Kenya Relief. Donations can also be made online at www.aglionline.org
<http://www.aglionline.org/> . 


Dave Zarembka, AGLI Coordinator, is living in Kenya with his wife, Gladys
Kamonya. He is sending out

reports daily, including historical perspective. If you would like to
recieve them directly just let me

(Dawn Rubbert) know by email via Dawn at aglionline.org. You can also find
these reports, and others at:  <http://quakerservice.blogspot.com/>
http://quakerservice.blogspot.com/; thanks to the efforts of Mary Kay


Any who have the time and inclination could also help by: 

*	spreading Dave's reports to the wider world
*	contacting radio stations about interviewing Dave by phone from
*	contacting media, local and national, when you see they are
reporting poorly, erroneously
*	contacting local media to provide them with Dave's insightful
background information.



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