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The attached announcement is from the American Friends Service Committee.  We have at least one Friend from SAYMA on the AFSC Board.  It is an opportunity to guide an active, medium size charitable organization which works to apply Quaker principles in social action.  I would be happy to provide or seek more information for Friends who might be led service in this way.

Charles Schade
Charleston, WV
SAYMA member of AFSC Corporation

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Subject: Call for 2008 Board Nominations--Please Distribute Widely

American Friends Service Committee

1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102



TO:                 The Wider AFSC Community

DATE:            January 11, 2008

FROM:           Donna Anderton, clerk, Standing Nominating Committee

SUBJECT:     Possible Candidates for the AFSC Board of Directors-- Please submit by February 15, 2008!

At its March 2008 meeting, AFSC's Standing Nominating Committee will begin the process of selecting the names of Friends to recommend to the AFSC Corporation as nominees for the Board of Directors.  The committee will make its recommendations for new board members at the Corporation's Annual Meeting in November 2008.  The enclosed form, updated both for your convenience and for efficiency, will allow you to send us names of Friends whom you believe would be of service on the Board.  Please note that we have asked you to give reference names and contact information.  We will be grateful for every effort you make to provide this data, which we must have to consider recommending a nominee.  Let us know if you encounter difficulties or need help.  We are eager to have your suggestions, and look forward to your participation.

The AFSC Board of Directors is appointed by the Corporation at its annual meeting and serves as AFSC's central governing body on fiscal and policy matters.  Its members bring deep commitment to the Religious Society of Friends and to AFSC's global efforts in Quaker service and witness.  Please consider recommending Friends in your yearly, quarterly and monthly meetings as well as those involved in the programs and administration of your regional AFSC office who you feel have qualities that recommend them for service on the Board.

Board terms require a three year commitment, time to attend weekend meetings in Philadelphia, service on at least one standing or ad hoc committee of the Board, and a good faith effort to maintain regular attendance.  A list of qualifications for Board membership follows this letter.  

As you may already know, AFSC has an affirmative action plan.  It is a discipline which requires that we "let our lives speak" by nominating a Board of Friends who represent a variety of perspectives: gender, race, sexual orientation, and physical ability.  We also seek a diverse Board in other areas, including geographic location, board and other organizational experience, knowledge and expertise, AFSC experience, and age.

Names which you wish us to consider for committee service or appointments as members-at-large of the AFSC Corporation are also welcome.  On the attached form please indicate for which service you feel the person recommended should be considered.  Copies of forms are kept in current Nominating Committee files for three years.  Please feel free to reaffirm prior recommendations, and make additional copies of these forms if needed.

Please send your thoughts and suggestions to the AFSC Standing Nominating Committee in care of Tonya Histand, Assistant to the General Secretary, General Secretary's Office, at the National Office by February 15, 2008 so that I can take it to our next SNC meeting.  Otherwise we will continue to accept nominations throughout the year.  Many thanks for your help!


1.         Active membership in the Religious Society of Friends.

2.         Ability to attend AFSC Board meetings regularly (currently four weekends a year) for a three-year period.

3.         Willingness to accept possible committee assignments.

4.         Commitment to Friends values and testimonies.

5.         Knowledge, understanding and experience with AFSC programs and philosophy.

6.         Understanding and commitment to a Spirit led method of conducting business.

7.         Openness and willingness to participate in discussion when led to do so.

8.         Humility to listen to differing points of view and willingness to accept the sense of the meeting. 

9.         Commitment to support and participate in AFSC fundraising.

In recommending members for the Board, the Standing Nominating Committee considers the AFSC's commitment to Affirmative Action goals, broad geographic and wide Yearly Meeting representation.

Prepared by the AFSC Standing Nominating Committee,    4 November 1995


Standing Committees of the AFSC Board

Affirmative Action Committee 

AFSC-Friends Relations Committee      

Audit Committee

Board Human Resources Committee

Board Race Relations Committee                          

Development Committee                    

Finance Committee                       

International Programs Executive Committee       

National Community Relations Committee  

National Office Human Resources Committee

National Peace Building Unit                         

Nobel Peace Prize Committee     

Quaker United Nations Committee 

Retirement Committee 

Strategic Planning Committee                      

Third World Coalition Program Committee

Women's Program Committee



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