[Sayma-Announce] FW: Fwd: The DVD that was in your Sunday Paper

Errol Hess errol at kitenet.net
Wed Sep 17 13:58:28 EDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-09-17 at 08:14 -0400, Liz Perch wrote:
> I did see the DVD in the Charlotte Observer on Sunday, and brought it
> home (with permission of my hostess) because I wanted to do just this
> sort of digging.   I don’t yet know what I can do, but I find it very
> disturbing.
Apparently SC isn't a targeted state; at least the two papers we get
didn't contain the dvd.

What concerns me most, though, is what is running thru the redneck news:
Obama is an Arab.  He looks like an Arab.  His daddy was an Arab.  If we
elect him, the Arabs will win the war.  They will take over America.

This isn't just the rantings of a nutcase.  It is a well organized
campaign, well below the radar, and not traceable to a political party.
I would be much less cynical about John McCain if he would stand up and
publicly deny this "rumor."

I wouldn't be surprised if recent poll results aren't caused by this
whispering campaign.

What do we as Friends do when people fight dirty?

I'm surprised that Obama hasn't resurrected the old analysis of Student
Nonviolent Coordinating Committee's H. Rap Brown, in light of the recent
bailouts.  What we have in America is capitalism for the [middle class]
and socialism for the rich.  (Brown said "Capitalism for the poor," but
the middle class is today's poor, at least in national politics.)

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