[Sayma-Announce] Fwd: Temporary Protected Status for Haitians--Please Help

Geeta Jyothi mcgahey at yancey.main.nc.us
Mon Sep 22 19:30:02 EDT 2008

Hi Friends,
This is from  a fellow AFSC-SERO EC member, Juan Gomez.

>I would appreciate your help in getting this material out to anyone who 
>might be able to help. Please send it to all of your networks, especially 
>among Friends.
>  United States is a Kind Nation.
>Contact President Bush and ask him to grant Temporary Protected Status to 
>Haitians in the United States . By granting this status to Haitians in the 
>United States, they will be able to work legally and send aid to Haiti 
><mailto:president at whitehouse.gov>president at whitehouse.gov
>Switchboard: 202-456-1414
>FAX:             202-456-2461
>The United States Government comments on the situation in Haiti :
>" Haiti is in need of a lot of help in this very difficult time," said 
>Navy Rear Adm. Joseph D. Kernan, commander of U.S. Naval Forces Southern 
>Command and the U.S. 4th Fleet. "We are here working very closely with 
>various organizations to bring Haiti what it needs to pull through this 
>United States Department of Defense. American Forces Press Service, 
>September 15. 2008
>"We are deeply concerned for those affected by the devastating storms in 
>Haiti and the region and are doing everything we can to help," said USAID 
>Administrator Henrietta Fore.
>U.S. Agency for International Development, Press Release, September 5, 2008
>"This year has been particularly challenging for the people of Haiti . 
>Damages from hurricanes have been extensive. At this time, more than 
>850,000 people are displaced from their homes. USAID's Office of Foreign 
>Disaster Assistance is working closely with the U.S. military's SOUTHCOM, 
>the World Food Program, and others to provide assistance to those affected 
>by these storms. Even before the hurricanes, an estimated 2.3 million 
>Haitians were reported to have fallen into food insecurity. The prices for 
>staple foods have increased over 40% since January, and more again since 
>the storms."
>U.S. Agency for International Development, Press Release, September 16, 2008
>"The storms affected 600,000 people in 9 out of 10 of the country's 
>departments. The combined effects of four storms in less than thirty days 
>have killed 328 people, left 37 people missing, displaced approximately 
>82,600 people to temporary shelters, destroyed over 3,300 houses, and 
>damaged more than 11,800 houses, as reported by the Government of Haiti 
>and the United Nations."
>U.S. Agency for International Development, Press Release, September 10, 2008
>The United Stated Department of State has not changed its travel warnings 
>since April 30, 2008.
>This information is current as of today, Sun Sep 21 01:10:45 2008.
>April 30, 2008
>This Travel Warning is being issued to advise American citizens to defer 
>non-essential travel to Haiti until further notice.  The civil unrest of 
>early April has subsided, but the political and economic conditions that 
>precipitated these events have not been entirely resolved.  Conditions may 
>occasionally limit Embassy operations to emergency services.
>If the United States Government says this, should it send anyone back 
>under these conditions?
>Would you want to be sent back to these conditions?

In the Light,
Geeta Jyothi

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