[Sayma-Announce] Minute from Appeal to US Representatives - Impeachment

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Fri Sep 26 13:55:26 EDT 2008

Dear Friends,

A letter from the Clerk of Minneapolis Friends Meeting to the Clerk 
of Homewood Friends Meeting (Baltimore) that I received from Stan 
Becker, a former Atlanta Friends Meeting member.

I know this is an issue for many friends in the SE and so I am 
passing it on to this list.

Looking for that of God in every person.    I ask that we also look 
for that of "not God" (where we all are missing the mark) in every person, too.



>Dear Myna Brunyate, Clerk, Homewood Friends Meeting -
>Thank you for your email dated July 24, 2008.    Leading from 
>worship into our Monthly Meeting for Business, September 14, we 
>considered the support of Homewood Friends Meeting expressed in the 
>email for hearings for both HR 799 and HR 1258, regarding 
>impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard 
>Cheney.   We do not believe that initiation of impeachment 
>proceedings are timely at this point in history.   We do, however, 
>believe that restoration of the rule of law is essential to the 
>survival of democracy.  We call on Congress to encourage and support 
>the initiation of criminal proceedings against any public officials 
>who violated criminal statutes during the course of performing 
>official duties on behalf of the United States of America.
>Jane Furnas
>Clerk, Minneapolis Friends Meeting
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