Liz Perch adminasst at sayma.org
Tue Sep 30 11:16:25 EDT 2008

This morning when I went to do my weekly check of the "held for moderator"
posts in SAYMA-Announce, there were over 100 messages being held. 


Usually, I scan each message in case a list member's post has been
misidentified or otherwise held for approval.  However, with this volume, I
was unable to do so.  


If you sent a message to the list in the past 5 days and it did not appear
to be sent on to the full list, please resend it or contact me for


In friendship,






Liz Perch

Administrative Assistant

Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting and Association

330 Goebel Avenue

Savannah, GA 31404

(215)808 6537 (cell and voicemail)

adminasst at sayma.org


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