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I am passing along this message from John Potter about Yearly Meeting workshops.
  Thais Carr

This message is a solicitation for workshop proposals. I want to offer Yearly Meeting attenders a wider selection of options compared to the 2008 gathering. To this goal, I ask your assistance.

Do you have one or more members or attenders who have given Adult Education presentations that wowed your meeting? Workshops can be the same length as an Adult Ed/Second Hour activity or longer. 

Topics on Quaker history - broad brush or detailed analysis - are often popular. Quaker biographies, movements, schisms, and actions based on an individual's understanding of his or her Light are sought. Workshops on clerking are valuable for training the next generation of leaders. 

Non-Quaker workshops are fine, too. Art -or music-oriented activities, dance, meditation, chanting, travelogs, and so on. 

These are only suggestions. Attached is a copy of the Workshop Application form in RTF format. It can also be downloaded from the SAYMA Web site in both RTF and PDF formats at this link:
Look about half-way down the page under Yearly Meeting Call for Workshop Proposals.

The 2009 theme is "Spirit Woven in Our Lives: a Tapestry of Light." However, workshops totally unrelated to the theme are welcomed, too.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Yours in the Light,
John Potter
doctorbitmap at bellsouth.net
(615) 356-6356 (Home)
(615) 579-2088 (Mobile)
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