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Hi Friends -


I'd like to ask for your support in promoting Pendle Hill's Young Adult
Leadership Development program, which I am coordinating again this summer.
Would you be willing to forward this e-mail to any young adults you know,
between the ages of 18-24, who are Quaker or Quaker minded?  The application
deadline is coming up on March 20th, and I'd like for as many folks to know
about the program as possible.


The YALD program takes place for seven week from mid-June through the
beginning of August, and is designed for 18-24 year olds serious about
serving as leaders in their communities, developing the tools for social
transformation, and living a life grounded in God's Spirit.  The YALD
program consists of three major parts: community-based service, both inside
and outside Pendle Hill; spiritual formation and religious education; and
diverse community living experience practicing sustainable living. 


YALD participants will be a part of the residential community of Pendle Hill
for seven weeks, a community dedicated to serving, learning, and growing.
The program focuses on identifying and exploring what it means to be a
leader, what it means to serve in a spiritual context, and what it means to
live sustainably. Ultimately, the program considers the query, what does it
mean to live a radical life? We ask participants to explore core issues of
faith, theology, ideology, and purpose - inviting all to consider how they
are called to serve in the world.  Each participant will be paired with a
local service organization and work two days a week as a volunteer.
Participants will take classes in Quakerism, creative expression, and
sustainable community. Courses will engage themes of personal and spiritual
formation, religious tradition, nonviolent communication and sustainable
living. The program is fully supported by Pendle Hill and all program costs,
plus room and board expenses, are covered. A small stipend is also provided.


More information about the progarm, including the application form (deadline
is March 20th) is on Pendle Hill's website:  <http://www.pendlehill.org/>




Emma M. Churchman


Young Adult Leadership Development Program

Pendle Hill

338 Plush Mill Road

Wallingford, PA 19086

610.566.4507 x 134

echurchman at pendlehill.org


You must be the change you wish to see in the world.



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