[Sayma-Announce] Second Month Update - SEYMpeace.org

Mike Shell bright_crow at mindspring.com
Mon Feb 9 12:48:45 EST 2009


Yesterday a posted the second Month update for Southeastern Yearly Meeting's peace and social concerns website: http://seympeace.org/

I also created a new "Youth & Militarism" page, in response to a recent discussion at rise of meeting for worship at Jacksonville Friends Meeting: http://seympeace.org/militarism.html

Here's the text introducing the new page:

At rise of meeting for worship recently, a European American Friend expressed concern over a recent experience with and African American friend of hers.

He had asked her not to speak against militarism with his community, because "the military has been good to African Americans, and many African Americans are very supportive of the military." Many, especially the young people, "depend upon the military for jobs to get out of poverty or other horrid situations."

Other Friends in meeting shared the speaker's concern that our society continues to sustain militarism by exploiting economic and social disadvantage.

One spoke of our government's habitual recruitment of low-income and/or minority youth as a convenient population for the military—and it's steadfast resistance to creating any other real alternatives for these young people.

Another friend pointed out that, for many, the only apparent alternative "offered" young African Americans seems to be crime and imprisonment. This population is hugely over-represented in prison, just as it is in the military.

We agreed that, if Friends are going to advocate against military recruitment of youth (in school or elsewhere), we also need to offer real economic, educational and vocational alternatives. Otherwise we are not truly listening to those for whom we claim to advocate.

This web page is a first attempt to gather some online sources of information about Youth and Militarism. Readers who have additional sources to suggest should email the information to the editor.

Thank you,
Mike Shell

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