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Skip Schiel of Cambridge Meeting asked that I pass on this inquiry to
Friends in SAYMA.  If your meeting (or other community group) is interested
in hosting the slide show, please contact Skip directly at
skipschiel at gmail.com


Dear Friends,

I'm writing to inquire if your meeting or one nearby might wish to host one
of my new slide shows during my February 2009 tour. I make this tour with
the support of many in my Quaker community in Cambridge Massachusetts.

My schedule (with some flexibility):

Sunday, Feb 1, Greensboro NC thru Saturday, Feb 14, Florida.

Inspired by the reception of my photographs and stories about conditions in
Israel-Palestine and with the help of David Matos in South Carolina, we're
organizing this tour. My materials educate audiences to realities in the
region that are often obscured or distorted by mainstream media. Education
to action is one of my themes. The current suffering in Gaza and adjoining
Israeli regions prods many of us to pay more attention.

On previous trips I've presented on the West Coast from the Bay area to
British Columbia, as well as cities in Georgia and South Carolina and
throughout my home region of New England. Venues included churches, mosques,
high schools, conferences, political centers, and community organizations. 

My three new multi media presentations are "Eyewitness Gaza," "Bethlehem The
Holy," and The Hydropolitics of Palestine/Israel."

The "Hydropolitics of Israel and Palestine" gives an overview of the water
rights situation while detailing specific cases in the West Bank, Gaza, and
Israel. The region is in the midst of a disastrous drought.

Here's the publicity blurb I usually use for the Gaza show:

Until recently we didn't hear much about Gaza, a narrow sliver of land in
Palestine-Israel that is home to 1.5 million Palestinians-some 75% of them
refugees since 1948 when the state of Israel was founded, and 1967, after
the Six Day War. With the carnage reported daily-rocket attacks by militants
against Israeli civilians and Israel's air, sea, and land attacks on Gaza,
the region is now in the hearts of many. Skip Schiel, a photojournalist from
Cambridge Massachusetts, will offer a multi media presentation about Gaza,
"Eyewitness Gaza," on/at (fill in local details).

Mr. Schiel has traveled and photographed in Israel-Palestine over a
five-year period, usually three months each year.  Using photographs and
stories, he will present his experiences from his last journey to the land
of troubles in January 2008. The photographer visited the apparent site of
the 2003 killing of Rachel Corrie, a young woman working with Palestinians
in Rafah. He toured the area near the Egyptian border wall which four days
later Gazans breached in a nonviolent attempt to break the siege. While in
Gaza Mr. Schiel worked with the American Friends Service Committee youth
program, teaching and photographing.

His professional life has been in filmmaking and photography, plus teaching
of those topics. For 10 years he taught filmmaking at Boston College, and
since 1990 he's taught photography thru the Cambridge Center for Adult
Education and Harvard University's Landscape Institute. His photography
ranges between landscape, abstract, experimental, portraiture, and socially
engaged. Which means he tries to link much of his photography to social
issues. These have included American Indians, African Americans, poverty,
environmental issues, and since 2003 Israel-Palestine. His photos have
appeared in the Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, and Progressive
Magazine, and are in the collections of Harvard University. He's had
exhibitions in numerous venues across the country. His primary faith
communities are Quaker and Buddhist.  Photos are on his website,
teeksaphoto.org, and his blog, skipschiel.wordpress.com.

Titles of other slide shows and print exhibits:

Gaza Scorched & Squeezed
Quakers in Palestine & Israel (Or John Woolman in the Land of Troubles)
In the Steps of the Magi
Occupation: Ordinary Life
Start Young: Youth & Youth Activism in Israel & Palestine
Facts on the Ground
A Letter to New England Quakers from a Friend at the Ramallah Friends School
Gaza is Home to One & One-half Million Human Beings, How Do They Live?
The Living Waters of Israel & Palestine (exhibit)
Paired Photographs from the Levant (exhibit)

Thank you and please feel free to pass this along to others who might be
interested in helping.

If interested in considering hosting a show, please contact David Matos at
Carolina Peace Resource Center, aiken_peace at yahoo.com, 803-215-3263.

Thanks for thinking about this and David or I will try to follow up soon by



Skip Schiel (a.k.a Ein al-Nour)

9 Sacramento St
Cambridge MA 02138-1843 USA
skipschiel at gmail.com
617-441-7756, land line
617-230-6314, mobile
Website: http://teeksaphoto.org
Blog: http://skipschiel.wordpress.com

To join my email list about my recent (2007-8) experiences in
Palestine-Israel, along with postings related to that issue, please reply
with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

One day they will say: "It was then when the chestnut tree shook in the

No, they will say: "Tyrants crushed the innocent."

One day they will say: "It was then when the child skimmed a flat stone
across the water."

No, they will say: "When the great wars were being prepared for."

Well, maybe they will say: "It was then when the women walked into the

No, they will say: "When the great powers joined forces against the

But they will not say: "The times were dark."

Rather, "Why were their poets silent?"

-From Brecht's War Primer


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