[Sayma-Announce] FW: Ride Needed to FGC Gathering

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Wed Jun 10 09:37:18 EDT 2009

Hello Friends-
I am seeking a ride from Chattanooga to the FGC Gathering in a few weeks.   I live in Bellingham WA but will be visiting my daughter in Chattanooga and am eager to link up with Friends driving to the Gathering.  To my surprise, no one from Chattanooga will be going this year.  

If you could offer a ride but are not driving through Chattanooga on I-75, I could meet up with you in either Knoxville or Atlanta.   I can accommodate whatever travel schedule suits you.  I am happy to share with driving and gas.  I do not need a return.

Thanks so much.
Janine Bruton
(423) 227-3530 (best way to reach me- leave your phone number!)
janinebruton at mindspring.com (only until June 18)
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