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PENDLE HILL                



April 27, 2009


To Friends Everywhere:


Inspired by a bold and challenging movement of the Spirit during its
Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business on April 19, 2009, the
Pendle Hill General Board asked the Pendle Hill Board of Trustees to
develop a proposal for a single 18-24 member governing board to replace
the two existing boards.  This request endorsed a recommendation by the
Visiting Committee on Pendle Hill Governance.  


The Visiting Committee urged Pendle Hill to create a simpler governance
structure, more in keeping with the scale of the institution.  During
worship, Pendle Hill General Board member and Earlham College historian
Tom Hamm revealed that Pendle Hill is not the only Quaker institution to
inherit a large governing body:  when Earlham College opened in 1847, it
had 4 staff, 45 students, and a board of managers of 109.  


Friends present recognized that it was time to let go of the "inverted
pyramid" of governance that our forebears bequeathed us in order to
create a simpler governance structure enabling greater clarity and
transparency in authority and decision-making.  Friends also
acknowledged the importance of assuring diversity when composing the
resulting single board.  During the General Board meeting, a Trustee
shared, "we are able unite on this recommendation to create a single
board because we all love and care for Pendle Hill.  We can therefore
set aside ego and personal interest to choose a course of action that is
best for Pendle Hill."  


The Pendle Hill General Board minuted its appreciation to members of the
Visiting Committee:  Mark Myers, clerk of the Visiting Committee,
assistant clerk of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting Interim Meeting and a
former long-time clerk of the Earlham College Board; Doug Bennett,
President of Earlham College; Ernie Buscemi, presiding clerk of New York
Yearly Meeting; Gretchen Castle, former presiding clerk of Philadelphia
Yearly Meeting; and Paul Lacey, presiding clerk of the American Friends
Service Committee Board.  Members of the Visiting Committee gave
generously of their time, including attending the January 2009 weekend
meeting of the Board of Trustees and the April 2009 weekend meeting of
the General Board.   


The General Board and Trustees made these decisions at the end of a
weekend of careful listening and attention to one another.  We are
grateful for the trust within and between Pendle Hill's two current
boards.  When the opportunity to act came, Friends moved quickly,
infused with joy and the in-rushing of Spirit.  We testify to the
presence of God among us and ask your prayers as we move forward in


On behalf of Pendle Hill,


Steve Smith (PaYM), Clerk, General Board

Deborah Shaw (NCYM-Con), Clerk, Board of Trustees

Lauri Perman (BYM), Executive Director

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