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Shirley Dodson Shirley at pendlehill.org
Tue Apr 13 16:29:57 EDT 2010

Dear Friend,


Pendle Hill, the Quaker retreat and conference center in Wallingford,
PA, has many programs on Quaker faith, practice, and history each year.
To help enable Friends to attend our weekends and short courses, we
offer "matching scholarships" - we may be able to match a grant from
your meeting so that any amount from a few dollars up to the total cost
of the program can be covered. We also offer "bring-a-friend discounts"
for some programs to two or more friends or family members who register
together.  Upcoming 2010 programs include:


May 21-23 - Clerking
<http://www.pendlehill.org/workshops/spring-2010/225-clerking> , with
Deborah Fisch and Bill Deutsch


May 28-30 - The Practice of Simplicity
plicity> , with Erin Rooney Doland


June 18-20 - Ranters and Early Friends: A Thin Gray Line
riends> , with Doug Gwyn


June 20-24 - Who Was James Nayler?
r>  with David Neelon


July 9-11 - Inquirers' Weekend: An Introduction to Quakerism
, with Trayce Peterson and greg elliott


For more information please click on the link; calls are also welcome to
(800) 742-3150 or (610) 566-4507, ext. 3.



Shirley Dodson

Director of Communications

Pendle Hill

338 Plush Mill Road

Wallingford, PA 19086

(610) 566-4507

communications at pendlehill.org



"Pendle Hill is a center of God's work in transforming the world.
Pendle Hill nurtures the life and witness of the Religious Society of
Friends (Quaker) through worship, work, study and service.  We welcome
those of all spiritual paths."  www.pendlehill.org


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