[Sayma-Announce] FWCC Regional Gathering - Registration

Tim Lamm tlamm at windstream.net
Mon Aug 16 10:22:40 EDT 2010

Dear Friends,

Registration is now open for the Friends World Committee regional gathering in Knoxville, TN, October 8-10.  Here is the link:


The program looks very good to me.  This weekend event is open to all Friends.  It would be especially valuable to anyone planning to go to the World Gathering of Friends in 2012.  We hope to have at least one person attend from each of the six yearly meetings in the southeast region of FWCC, as well as a number of Friends from SAYMA meetings and from Wilmington Yearly Meeting churches in the Knoxville area.

Please consider coming and announce this in your local meeting.

In the Light,
Tim Lamm
Berea, KY USA
Clerk of Southeast Region
Section of the Americas
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