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Dear Friends,


Below is copy for an advertisement for a senior staff position at Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run.  The Search Committee, of which I am a member, desires me to disseminate information of this opening widely among Friends. 


It is my hope that you will be able to circulate this ad within your community by placement or posting of this ad by whatever media and in whatever place you deem most convenient, appropriate and potentially fruitful.  The committee is expending some funds for “classified ads” in Friends’ publications, but it is our hope that this information might also reach interested Friends by electronic means of circulation; by sight on bulletin boards, in weekly announcements, in monthly newsletters; and simply by word of mouth.


It would be useful to me if you might reply to the committee at searchcomm at stonyrunfriends.org with information about how you have placed this ad.


It is an acknowledge aspect of our Search that we believe not only that we will be led by the Spirit to our awaited Friend but that likewise this Friend is even now awaiting us and will be led by the same divine Spirit to us at Stony Run.  It is my hope that your publication and distribution of this ad will awaken this sense of leading and will quicken our search.  Many thanks.


                                                                              For the committee,


                                                                              William O. Miles




5116 N. Charles Street

Baltimore, MD  21210

BALTIMORE MONTHLY MEETING OF FRIENDS STONY RUN is seeking a full time Meeting Coordinator.  The qualified individual should be a Quaker comfortable with unprogrammed worship and should have a minimum of two years of related work experience.  Serving a large metropolitan meeting, this staff person will have duties specified in a complex job description including supervision of the office manager and extensive work in support of Meeting committees.  An ability to work with a diverse membership ranging from families with young children to the elderly is essential.  Competitive salary and benefits.  For more information, contact  searchcomm at stonyrunfriends.org.  Deadline for application is March 15, 2010.

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