[Sayma-Announce] "Emergency" emails requesting funds

Liz Perch adminasst at sayma.org
Mon Jun 7 15:34:06 EDT 2010

Dear Friends,


In the past week, at least two SAYMA Friends have had their email addresses
hacked; the result has been emails sent to everyone in their address books,
saying the sender is stranded in London with no money, credit cards,
passport or cell phone.  


These emails are "phishes," designed to convince someone to wire money to
the alleged victim.  The come from the email address that the person uses,
not a made up one, so it offers some plausibility.  This phish has been
around for some time.  Do not panic-SAYMA members are not flocking to London
and being robbed.  And you probably don't need to email me-I think I've
gotten all of them already. 


In the meantime, especially if you use Yahoo mail, consider changing your
password as a precaution.


Liz Perch

SAYMA Administrative Assistant

adminasst at sayma. org


865 272-9621 (Google Voice)


330 Goebel Avenue

Savannah, GA 31404


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