[Sayma-Announce] Upcoming Retreat Opportunity

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Mon Mar 8 08:41:33 EST 2010

Evan Richardson, Peter Buck and Joy Hodges, all of Asheville, NC, invite Friends who are longing for an experience of Sabbath to join them at Mtn Light Sanctuary in Barnardsville, NC May 6-9 for Recreating Encounters with Spirit: Through Extended Worship, InterPlay and Community.  The vision for this offering is to create a community of worship and play where we can rest in the place that gives rise to Life and Truth and support each other in the process of discerning how we may be called.  We will offer opportunities for corporate and individual seeking in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.  Come join us in this blessed experience.  For more information go to https://docs.google.com/fileview?id=0ByrjYzJg3DR_NGUyYTljYzItNGRiOS00OTcxLThjNDEtZmM5ZjdmZDU3Nzdi&hl=en

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