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Liz Perch adminasst at sayma.org
Wed Mar 31 21:29:40 EDT 2010

We're having a party at AFM Meetinghouse to celebrate how we love and value
our mutual Friend, Phil Neal.  We will  express our gratitude to Phil for
his meaningful contributions to Asheville Friends Meeting (and SAYMA)  with
a  potluck-party on April 18.   (Our Meeting  for Worship begins at 10:00,
preceded by singing at 9:30 a.m.)  Food and festivities will begin around
11:30 a.m. after  announcements and Rise of Meeting.   


Would you please share this invitation:  we welcome you to come join Phil
and us on April 18.  If you know of particular F/friends who would want to
know, please feel free to forward this.


You may have special experiences with Phil  to share aloud with him and
assembled Friends. We'll also have a scrapbook for giving Phil  pictures,
mementoes, or notes which express our personal connections and appreciation.
These can also be mailed in advance to Joy Gossett, 15 Westwood Road,
Asheville, NC 28880.


We look forward to being together on April 18. 


Thank you very much,


         Friends of

            Asheville Friends Meeting



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