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Dear Friends,


Redlands Monthly Meeting house, just west of the Susquehanna River in York
County, Pennsylvania, was built in 1811, the second meeting (the first was
Newberrytown) west of the Susquehanna; by the 1860's, it was laid down, due
to the Western Migration.  Many Quakers whose families were from Redlands
went on to settle in western states, including Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa
and Nebraska.


Redlands is now under the care of Menallen Monthly Meeting, Biglerville,
Adams County, PA.  We at Menallen are planning to host a Redlands Reunion
Sunday, August 14, 2011, when the meeting house will be 200 years old.  We
are planning tours of all the meetinghouses and cemeteries in the area:
Newberrytown Cemetery, Redlands, Huntington, Warrington, (both built in the
1700's) and Menallen meetinghouses, all with cemeteries; a picnic at
Redlands with a presentation of a signature quilt from 1850 (Iowa Quaker
names Thomas, Wright and Hilles appear on the quilt); a display of
memorabilia; children's games and other activities.   


Should you decide to come east for this reunion, here are some things you
might want to know: 

On the map: Biglerville is just north of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and is
home to much pre-Civil War Underground Railroad activity conducted by the
Quakers.  One of our members, Deb McCauslin, gives UGRR tours through the
area.  Her website: www.freedomliesnorth.org 

Redlands and Newberrytown cemetery are just west of US Route 83 north of
York, PA.  

Pinchot Park is about 8 miles west of Redlands and offers a variety of
camping experiences.


Redlands Reunion has a website as well: redlandsreunion.com


You are also welcome to contact me at jpyle at superpa.net  

If you can't come to the reunion, but have items which might be appropriate
for display, would you consider copying them and sending the copies, either
through email or regular mail?


We know of several families who settled in West Liberty, Iowa: the Thomas,
Wright and Hilles families were already in Iowa by 1854, which is the date
of Iowa's state census.  Other names of friends from Newberrytown, Redlands,
Warrington, Huntington and Menallen meetings are: more Thomas, Wright and
Hilles families, as well as Garretson, Carson, Cox, Hussey, Day, Underwood,
Bennett, Stoute, Ellot, Mills, Griffiths, Mackey, Fincher, Heald, Cesna,
Robenet, Kinwithey, Wilson, Wierman, Williams, Walker, Wickersham, Vale,
Tudor, Taylor, Smith, Russell, Morthland, Morton, Packer, Pearson, Penrose,
Pilkington, Pidgeon, Hutton, McMillan, Griest, Vale, Kirk, Cleaver, Moore,
Miller, Wall, Leech, Cook, Everitt, Marsh, Edmundson, Peden, Vernon,
Duckett, Atkinson, Philips, Willis, Farquar, Vore, Cadwallader, Updegraff,
Price, Cookson, John, Frazer, Speakman, Taylor, Musgrave, Evens, Stephen,
Lewis, Bonine, Hammond, Love, Oldham, Blackburn, Machlan, Vore, McGrail,
Fisher, Morton, Bowen, McGrew, Garwood, Hewitt, Wetherfield, Webb, Musgrave,
Blatchford, Hobson, Elliot, Atherton, Atkinson, Welch, Hutton, Beals,
Norberry,Watson, Thornbush, Randels, Wetherfield, McGrew, Holland, Yarnel,
Mickle, Mills, Wilkinson, Whinnery, Mills, Jones, Elgar, Matthews, Leech,
Hobson, Davies, Pugh, Falkner, McGrew, Newlan, Kersey, Bennett, Low, Nevet,
Leech, Hendricks, Gregg, Jennings, Warren, Sheperd, Thornbrugh, Rosborough,
Craige,  Wilkeson, Underhill, Comer, Carson, Passmore, Todd, Rankin, Rodes,
Denen, Braselton, Comer, Everitt, Hodge, Copelan, Stanton, Harrey, Jinkins,
Hamel, Nevet, Beals, Kendall, Squibb, Pope, Osbun, Buller, Mullineaux,
Beals. (names copied from marriage records: 100 Years at Warrington compiled
by Margaret B. Walmer.)



We hope to hear from our Pioneer Friends!  Please forward this to other
meetings as you see fit.  Thank you.



Judy Pyle

Chair, Redlands Reunion  




Liz Perch

SAYMA Administrative Assistant

adminasst at sayma. org


865 272-9621 (Google Voice)


330 Goebel Avenue

Savannah, GA 31404


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