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Subject: take action in support of American Muslims


from FCNL--please circulate around SAYMA


Joe Volk: "I am an American Muslim, too"

Two days ago, FCNL asked you to sign our
petition in support of American Muslims, and
hY3Rpb24vYWxlcnQuaHRt%20> consider taking other initiatives to facilitate
interfaith conversation in your communities.

In response to that mailing and our blog posts, we have received feedback
from across the political spectrum.  In his latest blog post, FCNL Executive
Secretary Joe Volk reflects on
zLmNvbS8yMDEwLzA5LzAxL2ktYW0tYW4tYW1lcmljYW4tbXVzbGltLXRvby8%20> questions
of race and religious freedom.  "I can't exercise freedom of religion to be
a Quaker unless my American Muslim brothers and sisters can exercise their
freedom to be Muslims.  Curb their freedom, tell them no they can't build an
Islamic community center there, and you've done the same to me." 

More than 3,300 of you have signed the "We Stand with American Muslims"
petition in two days, and we have appreciated hearing your comments and
feedback.  Will you help us build this list of signatories to 11,000 before
September 11? See a list of people who have
hY3Rpb24vbXVzbGltLXBldGl0aW9uLTIwMTAuaHRt> signed so far, sign the petition
yourself, and
yZy90YWYvd2Vfc3RhbmRfd2l0aF9hbWVyaWNhbl9tdXNsaW1zLw> ask five friends to do
the same.  Continue the conversations on our
zLmNvbS8yMDEwLzA5LzAxL2ktYW0tYW4tYW1lcmljYW4tbXVzbGltLXRvby8> blog and in
your community.


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