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Sun Aug 7 22:40:47 EDT 2011

The Quaker Inner-City School Endowment Fund is based on the fact that 
having a Friends school in an inner-city environment exerts a strong 
influence for good;  that inner-city children, surrounded by drugs, 
violence, crime, ethnic/racial tensions, unemployment and despair, 
benefit by exposure to the spirit and procedures found in Friends 
schools and that these Friends schools provide excellent models for 
inner-city education.  Susan Taylor, past clerk of Southeastern Yearly 
Meeting, writes:

/ I have recently joined the board because I am very supportive of their 
effort to help some inner city Quaker schools establish an endowment so 
they can keep going.
/Friends School of Atlanta is one of the schools served by QICSEF, and 
at our last board meeting in July (the first I attended) I offered to 
see if there might be someone from SAYMA who would be interested in 
joining me (SEYM) on the board so that our area would have greater 
representation.  It is not necessary to be present in person to attend 
quarterly board meetings.  Two of the original founders are still 
living, but are no longer on the board. If Friends have questions, 
please have them contact me by e-mail or phone (850-219-1223)/
/Also, if there are people or meetings who would like to be on their 
mailing list, please let me know./
/I'm happy to give you more information as needed./

Please contact Susan if you might be interested in learning more about 
this opportunity.

Liz Perch
SAYMA Administrative Assistant

P.O. Box 5848
Savannah, GA 31404
(865)272 9621
adminasst at sayma.org	

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