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Tony Heriza, AFSC's Director of Educational Outreach is 
co-director/producer of a new film, Concrete and Steel [you can see a 
trailer here - www.concretefilm.org <http://www.concretefilm.org>] about 
restorative justice, art, the prison system, etc.  He and his 
co-director are touring the movie in the southeast and he would love to 
let meetings know about the screenings, listed below.

Tony may also be willing (if time allows) to visit with meetings to 
discuss the film further -- obviously, his time is tight, but he would 
be open to considering invitations, which should go to Lucy Duncan, 
lduncan at afsc.org.

*CONCRETE, STEEL & PAINT: a film about crime, restoration and healing 
*is coming to 8 venues in the south in September!

See the film, meet the filmmakers, and join in the conversation about 
art, justice and reconciliation.

Tues, Sept 6:


Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art <http://jcsm.auburn.edu/>


Auburn, AL

Weds, Sept 7:


Acadiana Center for the Arts 


Lafayette, LA

Thurs, Sept 8:


Alys Robinson Stephens Performing Arts Center 


Birmingham, AL

Sat, Sept 10:


Walnut Gallery <http://www.walnutgallery.org/event.php?v=1109film>


Gadsden, AL

Sun, Sept 11:


Clarkston Community Center <http://www.clarkstoncommunitycenter.org/>


Clarkston, GA

Mon, Sept 12:


Chattanooga Film Society <http://chattanoogafilmsociety.org/?page_id=170>


Chattanooga, TN

Tues, Sept 13:


East Carolina University <http://www.ecu.edu/>


Greenville, NC

Weds, Sept 14:


Morris Museum of Art <http://themorris.org/>


Augusta, GA

*CONCRETE, STEEL & PAINT *received an excellent review this March in the 
Huffington Post 

To view a trailer, read other reviews, or learn more about the film, 
visit www.concretefilm.org. <http://www.concretefilm.org/>

To learn more about the tour, visit Southern Circuit Tour of Independent 

Contact the filmmakers with any questions, cspfilm at gmail.com 
<mailto:cspfilm at gmail.com>

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