[Sayma-Announce] proposals for revision of SAYMA's Faith @ Practice Guide

Kathleen Mavournin kmav at icx.net
Mon Feb 21 09:45:37 JEST 2011

The Revision Committee for SAYMA’s Guide to Our Faith and Practice  
will present three proposed revisions at Yearly Meeting 2011. These  
have been posted as downloadable pdf files on the SAYMA web site,  
sayma.org, for Friends to review in advance.

Two of the proposals would affect section IV.B, Areas of Witness:  a  
revision of the existing IV.B.2, Education and a new one, IV.B.5,  
Harmony with Nature.

The third proposal would add a new section, II.C, Meeting for  
Threshing, to Part II, Nurturing the Life of the Spirit.

These proposals are revisions of those sent out for comments in Eighth  
Month of 2010 to the constituent meetings of SAYMA. The committee has  
reviewed and incorporated minuted suggestions from the many meetings  
that responded. We appreciate very much the worshipful care evidenced  
in the observations and recommendations. Thank you, Friends.

We are not asking for further responses from meetings before the  
beginning of yearly meeting in June. The committee will not meet  
during that time. We do ask that clerks and SAYMA representatives  
inform their meetings that the texts are available so that Friends may  
come prepared to yearly meeting. The proposed revisions will be  
presented during business sessions and there will be ample  
opportunities then to suggest changes. We encourage attendance and  
participation in this ongoing process of worshipful discernment.

Kathleen Mavournin
clerk, F&P Revision Committee

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