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Thanks to Kristi for suggesting this:

One way would be to send money to the Red Cross designated for Alabama Tornado Relief.

Birmingham Friends Meeting works very closely (we're on the board) with Greater Birmingham Ministries, which is a direct service organization.  If you would send funds to Birmingham Friends Meeting designated for Greater Birmingham Ministries, we would get the funds to them.  Some of us will be working with them today (I took a load of supplies from my colleagues at Samford University to them yesterday).  Goods such as food, clothing, toiletries, --what you might think--is given to the poorest of the poor in Bham all year round--we have children actually going hungry when school is out and the free breakfast/lunch program stops.  But they're especially inundated with calls now, since Pratt City, a very poor section of Bham, was pretty much leveled--awful devastation.

Birmingham Meeting's address:

Birmingham Friends Meeting
4413 5th Ave., South
Birmingham, AL 35222

Donations can be addressed to the Treasurer.  Designate funds for Greater Birmingham Ministries or make checks out to Greater Birmingham Ministries (a 503c group) and they will be taken to that organization..

Thanks VERY, VERY much for your thoughtfulness; I can't tell you how good it feels to know that others share our concerns for the Alabama devastation.


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I am a member of Friends Memorial Church in Muncie, Indiana.
Is there a way in which we can help those in Alabama affected by
the recent tornado?

Susan Danner
President, Quaker Women's Circle

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