[Sayma-Announce] report from FCNL lobby day on Capitol Hill

Joe Parko jparko90 at charter.net
Fri Nov 18 07:55:14 PST 2011


As one of the SAYMA members of the FCNL General Committee, I want to share the following follow-up to my lobbying visit to my senator’s office during the recent FCNL annual meeting. I will send you more about the FCNL annual meeting soon.

Joe Parko

Crossville Friends Meeting

Stacie L. Oliver

National Security Policy Advisor

Office of Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee

Dear Ms. Oliver,

Thank you for seeing me on November 3rd when I was in Washington attending the annual meeting of FCNL. As a follow-up, here is a list of the points I made during my visit:

1.The Dear Colleague letter expressing Senate support for President Obama’s Atrocities Prevention Board  is now being circulated by Senators Coons and Collins. The deadline for Senators to sign on is Thursday, November 17th. I hope that Senator Corker will sign this letter.

2. FCNL urges the Senator to protect funding for the Complex Crises Fund.  Early and effective prevention of violent conflict can save the U.S. money in the long term, by mitigating

crises before the killing starts and avoiding expensive military interventions and humanitarian disasters.

3. We urge Senator Corker to resist efforts to punish the Palestinians for seeking membership in the UN. I have attached my report from my fact-finding visit to Israel and Palestine and I ask you to share it with Senator Corker.

Again, thank you for making time to see me. Please let me know how Senator Corker responds to these items of concern.


Joseph Parko, member of the General Committee of FCNL

2000 Otomi Drive

Crossville, TN 38572

jparko90 at charter.net
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