[Sayma-Announce] From Penny Wright: SAYMA's F&P

Liz Perch, SAYMA adminasst at sayma.org
Thu Aug 2 16:40:18 EDT 2012

Dear Friends of SAYMA,

With tears of joy I opened the package containing the 3rd edition of 
SAYMA's F&P. With a deep sense of rightness and satisfaction I read from 
cover to cover and by doing so can measure the deepening and seasoning 
the the whole yearly meeting has undergone since 1999 when the process 
was begun. Dear and faithful Friends you are indeed!

Ya'll come on up where we are still green and on some days have a 
glorious breeze!

In that Light and Love that Unites,
Penny Wright
The things of the soul must always be considered as plentiful, spacious 
and large. Teresa of Avila

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