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Subject: 	World Conference of Friends
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From: 	Robin Mohr <robinm at fwccamericas.org>
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To Friends in Southern Appalachian Yearly Meeting & Association,

Thank you for naming Friends from your yearly meeting as delegates to 
the Sixth World Conference of Friends, to be held April 17-25, 2012 in 
Nakuru, Kenya. This will be the most representative World Conference of 
Friends ever. There are delegates registered from over 100 yearly 
meetings and groups of Friends in 42 countries. Thank you for your 
contribution of $4,600 to the Travel Fund.

The 6^th World Conference is not an FWCC business meeting like a 
Triennial.  (Although there will be a little business, like appointing a 
new General Secretary for the 
It is an opportunity for your delegates to bring their concerns and 
leadings to the global Quaker table and to consider new possibilities 
from Friends near and far.

All of the time, energy, and money that Friends are putting into the 
World Conference is an investment in our spiritual lives and our 
religious community. I think the message from the 6^th World Conference 
of Friends has to energize the next generation of Friends and be 
relevant to the wider world. *What kind of return are you expecting on 
the investment you are making in your delegates?*

If you have questions or hear questions about the Conference, there are 
many resources for delegates:

1.*The World Conference website*. It contains lots of basic information, 
including pictures of the campus and suggestions for preparation. Check 
here first for any questions:<http://www.saltandlight2012.org/>www 
<http://www.saltandlight2012.org/>org <http://www.saltandlight2012.org/>.

2.*The World Office of FWCC*. The Conference is being organized by many 
Friends around the world. The staff in London is central to the 
planning. You can send questions to _registrations at saltandlight2012.org_.

3.*The Section 
office*. We are happy to try to answer or find answers to your 
questions. But we can not and will not override decisions made by the 
World Office or the International Planning Committee.

Can you find a way to help your delegates stay in touch with the other 
Friends who are going from your area? In some yearly meetings, all the 
people who are going, both delegates named by the Yearly Meeting and 
those who applied for open places, and the Friends who are supporting 
them, are meeting to prepare before the conference. Encourage your 
delegates to ask for a prayer circle or support committee now. Would an 
email group be helpful? Who in your Yearly Meeting could set one up?

Consider how the Yearly Meeting can support them when they first get 
back. Help them to be aware of culture shock both when traveling and 
upon returning home. The World Office has included some Cultural 
Sensitivity tips in 
<http://www.saltandlight2012.org/essential2.html> that was sent to 
everyone who has registered. Are there Friends in your yearly meeting 
who have already been to FWCC events or to Kenya who could be available 
to talk about their experience?  Remind your delegates to plan for some 
time to rest, reflect and recover from their travels when they get back.

Plan now for how you want them to report back. Set some time on the 
agenda at your yearly meeting sessions. Ask them to talk to the young 
Friends or Junior Yearly Meeting, the United Society of Friends Women, 
mission board, or other groups. Tell them what Friends would like to 
hear when they get home. Should they take notes? Should they take 
pictures? How will they know what was important from the Conference that 
is relevant to your community? During the Conference, they will have a 
chance to practice so they'll be ready to speak when they get back.

Delegates have been encouraged to notify the local or regional media 
that they're going to Kenya to represent local Quakers at an 
international gathering and that they are willing to be interviewed when 
they get back. Can you help them draft a press release to tell their 
story to their local newspapers or radio stations? When you do, please 
copy me on your email or send me a copy of your press release and any 
articles that get written.

One element of the Conference will be discernment on the Global Change 
<http://fwccglobalchange.org/>. The World Office still needs funds to 
help pay for the translation of the cluster reports, so if you feel led 
to contribute to that, even in small amounts, that would be very 
helpful. For more information, visit the website at 
www.fwccglobalchange.org <http://www.fwccglobalchange.org/>.

In the past year and a half, the Section of the Americas has been 
sponsoring local gatherings on the theme of the Conference, "Being Salt 
and Light: Friends Living the Kingdom of God in a Broken World." If 
you'd still like to consider the theme this spring, any Friend can start 
a study group in their church or meeting using 
<http://www.saltandlight2012.org/materials.html> or join 
<http://www.saltandlight2012.org/course.html> study 
<http://www.saltandlight2012.org/course.html> with Friends from around 
the world. Both can be found through the Conference website, 
www.saltandlight2012.org <http://www.saltandlight2012.org/>.

After the Conference, the Section of the Americas will continue 
organizing local gatherings on a new theme, depending on what message 
comes out of the World Conference. If you'd like to be one of the first 
Yearly Meetings to host a gathering on the "New Light" theme, whatever 
it turns out to be, let 
<mailto:louises at fwccamericas.org><mailto:louises at fwccamericas.org>us<mailto:louises at fwccamericas.org>know 
<mailto:louises at fwccamericas.org>. If you need time to think about it, 
we will send you more information as we go along.

The Holy Spirit will be with us as we gather and with those who stay 
home. As Paul wrote to the Corinthians, the variety of gifts of the Holy 
Spirit is wonderful: wise counsel, clear understanding, simple trust, 
healing the sick, miraculous acts,  proclamation, distinguishing between 
spirits, tongues, and interpretation of tongues. Probably we'll need all 
of these as we gather. Please pray for our work together. Remember the 
gifts of the Holy Spirit are given not just for the individual but for 
their monthly meeting or church, their local community, your Quarterly 
or Area Meetings, your Yearly Meeting and the Religious Society of 
Friends. *How will you hold them accountable for sharing the gifts of 
the Holy Spirit that they will receive from this conference with you?*

If you have any questions about FWCC or the World Conference, please let 
me know!

In friendship,

Robin Mohr

Executive Secretary //

P.S. In other FWCC news, shortly after the Conference, the teens on the 
2012 Quaker 
be heading off to England, Belgium and the Netherlands. After that, 
we'll be developing a new Pilgrimage experience in South America for 
2014 or 2015. Stay tuned for more news.

Did you know that the searchable directory of Quaker pamphlets at www 
<http://www.voicesoffriends.org>. <http://www.voicesoffriends.org>org 
<http://www.voicesoffriends.org> is available to use with your outreach 
efforts and local study groups, for adults and youth?


Robin Mohr

Executive Secretary/Secretaria Ejecutiva

Friends World Committee for Consultation-Section of the Americas

Comité Mundial de Consulta de los Amigos-Sección de las Américas

1506 Race Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102

www.fwccamericas.org <http://www.fwccamericas.org/>


//Connecting Friends, Crossing Cultures, Changing Lives//

//Vincula a los Amigos, Sobrepasa Barreras Culturales, Cambia Vidas//

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