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*Warren Wilson College - Wireless FAQs*


*Q: Where is wireless Internet available?*

A: Wireless access is available in most building on campus.

*Q: What is the name of your wireless access?*

A: Look for the following SSIDs:

WWC_Private */or/* <BuildingName>_Wireless(e.g. Library_Wireless)

We recommend connecting to the access point with the strongest signal 

*Q: What is the password for the College's wireless networks?*

A: wwcwireless

*Q: Do I need any other details about your network?*

A: Not really. Warren Wilson College uses primarily WPA-PSK encryption 
(TKIP algorithm) on our wireless networks. Most modern wireless cards 
auto-detect these settings and will simply prompt you for a password. 
Very early wireless adapters may not support this method and would 
require an update or replacement.

*Q: Why can't I send 3^rd party email on campus?*

A: For security reasons, client software such as Outlook, Thunderbird, 
Eudora, Mail, etc. will not be able to */send/* email using 3^rd party 
outgoing servers. We recommend using web-based email while staying on 

*Q: What if my question isn't on this list or I need more information?*

A: Call the Helpdesk, *(828) 771-3094*. You may also email us at 
*helpdesk at warren-wilson.edu* if you are able to do so. During the summer 
we are staffed from approximately 8:30am-5pm Monday through Friday 
(closed at noon for lunch).

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