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Minga is a Friend from Cambridge, Mass.

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From: Minga Claggett-Borne [mailto:minga at thebornes.org]
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Subject: Jambo-- greetings

Dear Friendly Nuisances,
I have a report and a request. This report is about the World Gathering in Kenya
1.     Jess Klassen from Canada, Mary Lord and some other white faces attended the USFW Kenya with 700 women. Jess is a dancer who helped revolutionize the Kenya slow undulating at the women's conference. Actually I didn't see any conversions to Jess' Charlestown dance but the Quaker women totally loved how we danced with them. We also slipped off the main stage of the women's conference a lot to help prepare food and ride wildly through the rain into town.
2.     In Lugari Nancy Shippen and I roomed at the Lake Basin Peace Centre. We had an AVP refresher course with young adults. Before practicing our skills, we would sing Kiswahili songs for 30 min. The beauty embraced me. Monkeys and jacaranda trees abounded there.
3.     In Chwele, I attended a HROC workshop , Healing and Reconciliation in Community. The 35 Kenyan folks attended were still suffering from the aftermath of the 2007 violent eruptions. These folks were burnt out literally, raped and displaced (IDP is a household term there). This powerful workshop was led by a Rwandan Quaker , Theoneste Bizimana. The stories were horrific, and he was quite skillful in building safety while saying little of the Rwandan genocide.
4.     The world conference had 51 countries represented. I knew there were Friends in Moscow and Philippines, but did you know there are Nepalese Friends? The toilets leaked and the millet ugali gets dry. But the speakers and plenary worship were deep. The YAF presence was strong and eased my fatigue on many occasions. We took more fotos than hairs on your head.
5.     I learned that God speaks in many tongues and that many of the peace, simplicity, justice and environmental issues are ripe for all Friends. People speak in tongues and we are called to Listen in tongues. I sometimes was lost even when I knew where I was, or where I had been standing. We didn't argue very much. I learned to wait more, to bridle my tongue more. I think I came away a better person.
A request:
Who is going to FGC in Rhode Island? I encourage you strongly to sign up for a workshop The Peaks and Valleys of a Leading which I'm offering. Two years ago I did this as a women's only workshop and it was quite a blessing. It's relationship centered. It's a lot of getting known and sharing where you are led to be, affirming and looking at sisters who've traveled in the ministry. Please join us at FGC, and meet your sisters/ meet yourself.

Minga Claggett-Borne, LMFT
617 354-3808


From: Nun Justice <nunjustice at gmail.com<mailto:nunjustice at gmail.com>>
Subject: DC: Support the Sisters TOMORROW 4-6 PM
Date: May 7, 2012 1:09:33 PM EDT
To: Nun Justice <nunjustice at gmail.com<mailto:nunjustice at gmail.com>>

Dear Friends,

TUESDAY May, 8th (TOMORROW, 4-6pm) is the first of four vigils happening outside the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Office in DC. We will stand in solidarity with our Catholic sisters and join thousands of others across the country also hosting vigils (see full and growing list<http://nunjustice.tumblr.com/>).

*** We've received word that there will be a media and camera presence tomorrow, so it is important that--in our numbers--we demonstrate the strong support women religious have here in DC. Please bring your signs, friends, and energy!! And of course, if you haven't, please sign and share the Support the Sisters petition<http://www.change.org/petitions/support-the-sisters>!

RSVP on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/325024044238121/

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB)
3211 Fourth Street NE
Washington DC 20017
(Meet by the front sign on 4th Street)

Contact Kate, 202-675-1006<tel:202-675-1006> or reply to this email.

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