[Sayma-Announce] Next Southern Appalachian Friend (newsletter)

Liz Perch adminasst at sayma.org
Mon Apr 15 14:52:31 EDT 2013

It's that time again! The deadline for submissions for the late spring 
Southern Appalachian Friend is upon us. Please submit stories, songs, 
poems, minutes of concern, anything that would be of interest to Friends 
in the SAYMA region. This is particularly a time to circulate 
information you would like Friends to be aware of before Yearly Meeting 
in June.

Please submit material electronically to me, Beth Ensign, at 
h.e.ensign at gmail.com <mailto:h.e.ensign at gmail.com>, on or before April 
21. I will accept snail mail submissions, also, at 173 Flora Ave NE, 
Atlanta, GA 30307

Thanks, all, and I look forward to reading your submissions SOON!

Beth E

Liz Perch
SAYMA Administrative Assistant
P.O. Box 5848
Savannah, GA 31404
adminasst at sayma.org

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