[Sayma-Announce] The Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice

JERE LICCIARDELLO licciardelloj at bellsouth.net
Fri Feb 15 12:04:12 EST 2013

As Yearly gathering time nears, there remains good time for SAYMA yearly 
meetings, worship groups and as individuals, to allow our thoughts and hearts to 
become clearer as we sit with the Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice, or more 
simply, the Call.

Peace and Social Concerns Committee is here to help  SAYMA get through this 
work.  As convener of the Committee, I have been asked by the Committee to make 
contact throughout SAYMA again.  The Committee has some new tools at its 
disposal, and the tools we have had we must use in the best way, to be ready for 

I invite SAYMA clerks of meetings, of Peace Committees, and individually to 
contact me now, in order that I make the best use of the available time left to 
us.  I need to help meetings assemble the minutes, and shepherd those minutes to 
Carol Nickel.  I need to hear ASAP about the discernment that Meetings have 
arrived at because I think by sharing, and by sharing our queries and our 
stumbling blocks now, we can have real insights.  At our own Meeting in 
Chattanooga recently two members of the meeting said that only when reading the 
call again and in worship did they see what it conveyed.  

The old expression, "Many are called, but few are chosen," applies to the Call. 
 We in SAYMA may not all agree on what the Call means for us - each either 
collectively or simply in our daily lives - but because we worship together, and 
because we have sat in worship with the Call, we are that much closer to clarity 
and perhaps inspiration.  

So I ask:

Please send minuted responses to the Call when available to me at 
licciardelloj at bellsouth.net, and
Please ask yourself if there is something the Committee can do to facilitate you 
or your meting along your way.

Email me at licciardelloj at bellsouth.net if you want to speak on the phone, or 
ask questions of me or of SAYMA so that I may underscore your affirmation or 
your needs at rep meeting in March in Columbia.

Perhaps a conference call will be a useful way to move forward to address 
questions that certain of you may have.  This can be set up.  

Thank you, and email me if you have read this posting.

Jere Licciardello
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