[Sayma-Announce] The Kabarak Call for Peace and Ecojustice

Gib Barrus gib at campcelo.com
Sun Feb 17 07:46:01 EST 2013

Dear Jere,

Attached is the minute we approved at a called meeting to address the  
Kabarak Call.  You probably already have this.  In order to get  
maximum meeting participation we held a brief called meeting at the  
end of regular first day worship.  We try to revisit the Call  

Gib Barrus  Co-Clerk

On Feb 15, 2013, at 12:04 PM, JERE LICCIARDELLO wrote:

> As Yearly gathering time nears, there remains good time for SAYMA  
> yearly meetings, worship groups and as individuals, to allow our  
> thoughts and hearts to become clearer as we sit with the Kabarak  
> Call for Peace and Ecojustice, or more simply, the Call.
> Peace and Social Concerns Committee is here to help  SAYMA get  
> through this work.  As convener of the Committee, I have been asked  
> by the Committee to make contact throughout SAYMA again.  The  
> Committee has some new tools at its disposal, and the tools we have  
> had we must use in the best way, to be ready for June.
> I invite SAYMA clerks of meetings, of Peace Committees, and  
> individually to contact me now, in order that I make the best use  
> of the available time left to us.  I need to help meetings assemble  
> the minutes, and shepherd those minutes to Carol Nickel.  I need to  
> hear ASAP about the discernment that Meetings have arrived at  
> because I think by sharing, and by sharing our queries and our  
> stumbling blocks now, we can have real insights.  At our own  
> Meeting in Chattanooga recently two members of the meeting said  
> that only when reading the call again and in worship did they see  
> what it conveyed.
> The old expression, "Many are called, but few are chosen," applies  
> to the Call.  We in SAYMA may not all agree on what the Call means  
> for us - each either collectively or simply in our daily lives -  
> but because we worship together, and because we have sat in worship  
> with the Call, we are that much closer to clarity and perhaps  
> inspiration.
> So I ask:
> Please send minuted responses to the Call when available to me at  
> licciardelloj at bellsouth.net, and
> Please ask yourself if there is something the Committee can do to  
> facilitate you or your meting along your way.
> Email me at licciardelloj at bellsouth.net if you want to speak on the  
> phone, or ask questions of me or of SAYMA so that I may underscore  
> your affirmation or your needs at rep meeting in March in Columbia.
> Perhaps a conference call will be a useful way to move forward to  
> address questions that certain of you may have.  This can be set up.
> Thank you, and email me if you have read this posting.
> Jere Licciardello
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