[Sayma-Announce] Replying to posting to the SAYMA-Announce List

Liz Perch, SAYMA adminasst at sayma.org
Thu Mar 28 09:24:43 EDT 2013

Dear Friends,

Please be aware that when you simply "reply" to a posting to the 
SAYMA-Announce listserve, that reply goes to the SAYMA-*Discuss* list, 
which may or may not include the original poster.  If you are not also 
subscribed to SAYMA-Discuss, it generates a message to me to approve or 
deny the posting.  When the message seems to me to be just to the 
original poster, I usually deny the posting, and you receive a notice 
that the message didn't post.

However, if you are a SAYMA-Discuss subscriber, your quick, "Great 
message, Jimmy!" reply goes to the entire list serve.

Additionally, if you choose "reply all" your message will go to the 
poster, the SAYMA-Announce list, and, if you are a subscriber, to the 
SAYMA-Discuss list.

The reason for this message is to make everyone aware of where their 
replies go, and to ask that, when you reply, you look at the "to" line 
of your email and make sure it is going to the person or group you 
intend for it to go to.

If you have questions or need assistance, please do not hesitate to 
contact me.

In friendship,


Liz Perch
SAYMA Administrative Assistant
P.O. Box 5848
Savannah, GA 31404
adminasst at sayma.org

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