[Sayma-Announce] SAYMA website photos

Charles Wilton cwilton at gmail.com
Sat Nov 30 12:09:10 JEST 2013

The SAYMA website is in need of some color. If you have any photos of
annual gatherings or other SAYMA meetings/events, SAYMA-affiliated
meetinghouses, etc, for use on the SAYMA website, please send to me (do not
reply to this list).

They should be photos you have taken and agree that they may be published
on the website. SAYMA has no photo archive to draw from, so both old and
new images are useful. If you have something other than JPEG format, or if
you have a truckload of images, please check with me before sending.

Thank you, photo Friends!

SAYMA webfriend
cwilton at gmail.com
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