[Sayma-Announce] West Virginia water crisis

Charles Schade c.vmbra at frontier.com
Fri Jan 17 07:51:36 EST 2014

Several Friends have written expressing support for those in Charleston WV
who have had their public water supply interrupted because of a chemical
spill.  I know of no Friends who have been sickened or had significant loss
because of the spill; however, Friends should know that food service
workers, day care workers, and others who work in businesses closed by the
event may have lost up to a week's wages.  Many are paid minimum wage, and
have experienced significant hardship.
Please hold them in the Light.
If Friends want to contribute financially to support these economic victims,
the United Way has set up a special fund, the West Virginia Emergency Fund.
United Way of Central West Virginia
One United Way Square
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone 304-340-3500
Charles Schade
Charleston, WV
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