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Subject: 	FW: Fall communications internship at FGC
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From: 	Chris Pifer <ChrisP at fgcquaker.org>
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Hi - we've got an internship we're offering this fall.

Could you share this with this year's graduates?

This is a one-year paid internship position at the offices of Friends 
General Conference.  This intern will work closely with the 
Communications and Web Manager, and other FGC staff to support ongoing 
communications work across the organization.  This work will be guided 
by FGC's minute of purpose, major goals and associated programs.  It 
will include substantial work in Drupal with FGC's primary website, 
www.fgcquaker.org <http://www.fgcquaker.org>, in Salesforce which is our 
primary database and with a variety of related web tools.   This 
position will play a role training and supporting FGC programs to use 
the web and social media for effective communications as well as 
participating in broader strategic communications efforts.  Familiarity 
with the web and a high level of comfort with computers and online 
communications will be important, but the position does not require a 
high level of technical skills.

More details and application information is available here:




*Chris Pifer*

/Communications and Web Manager/

Friends General Conference

1216 Arch St. #2B

Philadelphia, Pa 19107

(215) 561-1700 x3300 (rings me in Atlanta, GA)

chrisp at fgcquaker.org

www.fgcquaker.org <http://www.fgcquaker.org>

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