[Sayma-Announce] QVS Now Accepting Applications for 2015-16

Rebecca Sullivan recruitment at quakervoluntaryservice.org
Thu Feb 12 12:30:15 EST 2015

Hello SAYMA Meetings,

Quaker Voluntary Service is excited to announce that we are now accepting
applications for our next year of service starting in August 2015. You will
find a copy of the appeal for applications in the body of this email as
well as a PDF that can be forwarded and printed for additional
encouragement. Would you please forward the announcement to your mailing
lists and newsletter.

I have been challenging our board and alumni, to personally invite 5 young
friends in the meeting or community who they think might be interested in
spending a year with QVS. Personal invitation is incredibly powerful and as
a coordinator of amazing young friend programs you know your youth well.
Will you join me and have a personal conversation with some of your youth
as well as sending out mass emails and facebook posts?

Thank you!

Dear Friend,

Built on the four core values: Community, Service, Transformation, and the
Quaker Way, QVS offers young adults the opportunity to discover their
gifts, while helping change the world. It is an experiment at the
intersection of transformational spirituality and activism. It is a chance
to live your life with compassion and justice, within a community of fellow
social change agents, and in conversation with the various expressions of
the Quaker Way. We are excited to announce that we are recruiting
Volunteers for FOUR houses this year (Atlanta, GA; Portland, OR;
Philadelphia, PA; and Boston, MA).

QVS Volunteers work full time in professional positions at local
nonprofits, schools, and other social justice agencies that offer support
to marginalized individuals and communities. For examples of the service
site placement possibilities in our current cities see:

Through simple, communal living, Volunteers learn to care for self and
others. Volunteers receive housing, all utilities, health insurance, a
transportation and grocery allowance and a small living stipend. Volunteers
will be supported by and engage with local Quaker communities. Volunteers
are not required to be a Quaker to participate in QVS, but they should come
prepared to deeply engage in Quaker worship and practice, and be genuinely
open to sharing their spiritual journey with others.

QVS alumna Becca Bass reflects on her experience with QVS:

*“Most people I know graduated college with a sense of wanting to seek
meaning, connection, and to cultivate a sense of purpose, but with a
parallel sense of pressure to pursue something practical and secure. Those
are heavy competing forces when you’re 22 and unsure of what you want your
life to look like! The beauty of QVS is that it gives you a secure space in
which to clarify a sense of your own values and ideals, it helps you
cultivate a vocabulary with which to process them and continue to explore
them, and provides you with communities that support and validate the

Do you know a young adult who is looking for this kind of experience?

*Applications are due by March 15, 2015.*

*For more information and to apply, please see:*

You can watch a brief video introduction titled *QVS: Transforming Service,
Living Faith*

Will you let your life speak? Will you offer encouragement for a Young
Adult in your life to explore this opportunity?

Please help us spread the word about QVS by forwarding this email on
to your networks!

In Peace,

[image: Inline image 1]
Christina Repoley

Founding Executive Director

*Rebecca Sullivan*
Recruitment Coordinator
Quaker Voluntary Service
recruitment at quakervoluntaryservice.org
610-551-8439 (cell) : 404-624-5299 (voicemail)
750 Glenwood Ave SE or PO Box 17628 Atlanta GA 30316
Watch a video about QVS here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9-iRiq9dWw
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