[Sayma-Announce] call for submissions

Beth Ensign h.e.ensign at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 18:37:11 EDT 2016

It's that time again: Southern Appalachian Friend submissions time! Please,
if you have any news, thoughts, jokes, poems, stories, songs, or anything
else you think would be of interest to Friends in our yearly meeting, send
them to me, Beth Ensign, by September 2. E-mail is preferable, and a plain
text attachment is always appreciated, but if you can't do attachments
include your material in the body of your e-mail.

If you must send hard copy, my mailing address is:

173 Flora Ave NE
Atlanta GA 30307

Thanks so much, Friends, for the contributions I am sure you will supply!
Please share this information with your meeting in whatever form works best
for you.

in hope, Beth E
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